Container orchestration - Kubernetes

A single container running your application is all about it self but running applications in multiple containers can always cause problems. Lets say if your customers are increasing and want to run your application in multiple containers? How can we have our application running in multiple containers managed? . How can we have container automatically start when the existing one goes down?. How can we have a new container start in a machine with resource availability. Container orchestration talks about these

Container orchestration refers to the automated arrangement, coordination and management of software components. Today, the main players are Kubernetes , Aws Ecs and Docker swarm and Kubernetes is the leader as of now.

In the series of course we will see the core concepts of Kubernetes, How to install it, Create a cluster and many other concepts of Kubernetes.The yaml or Json code that is used throughout this Course is available here

We will go through, 
Configuring the Worker Node
Control Plane |  Master Node Components
Worker Node Components
Control Plane Component - Etcd
Control Plane Component - Api Server
Control Plane Component - Scheduler
Control Plane Component - Controller
Jobs : Simple
Jobs : Repeatable
Jobs : parallelism
Jobs : Cron Jobs
Health Check : Http , Tcp & Exec
Image Pull : Docker Secrets
Persistent Storage : Empty Directory & Host Mount
Persistent Storage : Nfs
Storage Class
Taints and Toleration's
Quality of Service
Horizontal Pod Accelerator
Ingress Controller
Deployment Strategy - Recreate
Deployment Strategy - Rolling Update
Deployment Strategy - Blue/Green
Deployment Strategy - Canary
Helm - Package Manager

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