This Page provides you with Lessons and Tips, Tricks in Linux. I use these during my work.


Lesson:  File Types
Lesson:  Basic Commands
Lesson:  Editors (VI) ( Tips )
Lesson:  Command Chaining
Lesson:  Grep
Lesson:  Du and Df
Lesson:  Finding with Find
Lesson:  Sudo
Lesson:  Swap
Lesson:  Swap Using File
Lesson:  Package Management
Lesson:  Build an RPM
Lesson:  Process
Lesson:  Awk
Lesson:  SED (Stream Editor)
Lesson:  Sed vs Awk
Lesson:  Proc File System
Lesson:  Squid - Proxy 
Lesson:  Resource Management
Lesson:  Trapping Signals

For Tips , See here

Happy Learning J