Jenkins is an award winning, cross platform, continuous integration and delivery application that increases the productivity to a large extent. This page will give you more details on the Usage of Jenkins and its basics

Jenkins – Basics
Jenkins – Basic Configuration
Jenkins – Integrating with Git Hub
Jenkins – Jenkins Role Based Strategy
Jenkins -  Multi Configuration Job
Jenkins – Jenkins Monitor an External Job
Jenkins - Unix user/groups login
Jenkins Matrix Based authorization
Jenkins Project - Matrix Based authorization
Jenkins Integrating Jenkins with Amazon S3 Bucket
Jenkins – Integrating with Sonar Qube
Jenkins – Integrating with Nexus
Jenkins – Integrating with Tomcat 
Jenkins - Integrating with Jacoco
Jenkins - Command Line interface with Jenkins
Jenkins - Integrating with Active Directory
Jenkins - Integrating with Slack
Jenkins - Integrating with Source Clear
Jenkins - Integration with Github
Jenkins - Integration with Junit
Jenkins - Integration with Jira
Jenkins - Integration with Pager Duty 
Jenkins - Understanding Jenkinsfile
Jenkins - Injecting Secrets
Jenkins - Decrypting Secrets
Jenkins - Multi Branch Pipeline
Jenkins - Running inside a Docker Container
Jenkins - Running Jenkins Slaves in Docker Container

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