immutable infrastructure

Immutable infrastructure is an approach to manage services and software deployments on IT resources wherein components are replaced rather than changed. In a production environment when we try to deploy application, we usually undeploy the existing application and then deploy a new version. We usually make the changes in the existing infrastructure only.

In immutable infra , we deploy a new infrastructure with new version of code rather than making changes ( deploying new version of code ) to the existing infrastructure. This immutable infra is managed by the images. Once we want to deploy a new version of code, we make changes to the image and built infra from the Images.

These Images can be Aws , Docker or any cloud. We need a tool for creating these machine images. The tool should also allow to get the application source code and give a complete image with application source code even where we can build the machine.

Immutable Infrastructure - Packer
Immutable Infrastructure - Terraform

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