Container Platform - OpenShift

OpenShift is a multifaceted, open source container application platform from Redhat for the development, deployment and management of application containers.

A Paas Implementation with docker or Rkt as container runtime and kubernetes as container orchestration engine. On top of these we will be having a web interface developed which will allow developers and admin to manage, deploy and monitor applications

In this page we will see how OpenShift works and what are the major components of OpenShift

OpenShift - Basics
OpenShift - Architecture
OpenShift - Major Components
OpenShift Installation - All-in-One Box
OpenShift Installation - Minishift
OpenShift Installation - Oc Cluster Up
OpenShift Installation - Advanced Installation
OpenShift - Projects and Applications
OpenShift - Working with Web Console
OpenShift - Image Streams
OpenShift - Build types and Deployments
OpenShift - Source-to-image

Hope this page gives you enough information on how this tool works.

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