Java Performance Tuning

Not all Java application needs tuning. There are well written applications that do not require any additional effort but there are applications running in production that need tuning. It is the responsibility of a Java Developer to understand the Run time Environment Where his code runs  and most developers miss at this part. This series of articles provide you an understanding of various elements in Java and how to analyze various things.

JVM Lesson: Java Memory Model
JVM Lesson: Java Utilities
JVM Lesson: Garbage Collection
JVM Lesson: Analyzing the GC logs
JVM Lesson: Analyzing a JVM Crash
JVM Lesson: Working with HPROF
JVM Lesson: Linux and Core files
JVM Lesson: All you Need to know about Class loaders (Case Studies – Tomcat, Weblogic, JBoss)

JVM Utilities and Usage
More to Come, Happy Learning :-)

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