A deployment pipeline is an automated manifestation of your process for getting software from version control system into the hands of the users. Every change that we make to the software goes through a complex process before it gets released to the customers. This complex process involves building the software, quality scanning , security scanning , third party library analysis and many other stages followed by the progress of these builds through multiple stages of testing and deployment.

In this page, we will see various examples of pipeline with multiple tools. Configuration and integration of these tools are available below,
Sonarqube - Installation, Integration with Jenkins
Nexus - Installation, Integration with Jenkins
Source Clear - Installation, Integration with Jenkins
BlazeMeter - Integration with Jenkins
Jacoca - Integration with Jenkins 

Ansible - Installation and Configuration

Pipeline 1 - manually triggering a deployment using Git as source code management, Jenkins as Continuous Integration tool, Sonarqube for Quality scanning, management of packages and artifact using Nexus , Sand finally deploying the artifact to Tomcat Web Server.

Pipeline 2 - Triggering a deployment automatically using webhooks of Github to a Jenkins Server. Jenkins Server as a part of the Continuous integration with Sonarqube, Nexus and finally deploying to Tomcat.

Pipeline 3 - Triggering a deployment for a python application using Jenkins Pipeline code which includes Github as Source Code management, quality scan using pylint, testing using pytest and finally sending an email to users

Pipeline 4 - Trigger a deployment for a simple maven based java application using Jenkins Pipeline , building the code using a maven container, testing the application with maven container, building the image using a Dockerfile and then uploading the image file to the Dockerhub

Pipeline 5 - Triggering a deployment for a simple maven based java application using Jenkins pipeline from a Jenkins Container , building the code inside the jenkins container, testing, building the image and then uploading the image to the Dockerhub

Pipeline 6 - A Complete CI/CD automation using Ansible as automation script, Installation of Java,Maven and Tomcat, configuring them, building the code and then deploying it to the Tomcat server. All this is done using the Ansible Roles and playbooks.
More to Come, Happy Learning :-)

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