Monday, August 5, 2013

Web logic Cache Cleaning

There are many cases where an application team cant see their changes even after deploying a new version of the application. The Solution to such issues was to clean the cache in Web logic.
This article tells you on how to clean the cache in web logic.

1.Application cache
Application cache is available in the Servers directory that are created when ever we start the Managed Servers. The domains directory contains the domain that we created. This directory contains one sub directory for each Oracle Web Logic Server instance in the domain. The
sub directories contain data that is specific to each server instance.

In Order to clean the application Cache , we can go to
<Domain Name>/servers/<Server Name>/tmp/_WL_user/

In this location we will see all applications that were deployed to this server. We can delete the application for which we want to clean the cache.

Before doing that please stop the server, delete the application cache and then restart the Server again.

2.EJB Cache
For cleaning the EJB Cache just go to /domains/servers/<Server Name>/cache/EJBCompilerCache. and remove the EJBCompilerCache and restart the Servers.

The EJB files are again recompiled. This will be helpful when dealing with many EJB based applications

More To Come , Happy Learning :-)