Tuesday, June 5, 2012

JBoss Start up Issues

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JBoss throws error when 2 instances are started simultaneously in Clustered Environment.
There are cases where a JBoss instance throws error when another JBoss Instance is started along with the current one. If 2 JBoss Instances are started at the same time, they both may think that they are the JGroups coordinator at that current point. At this point you have 2 JBoss instances (Or 2 JBoss Clusters) which are running independently in a cluster. If this happens they both may decide to start the single ton services such as HA-JMS , JNDI e.t.c.But in a few seconds they both may discover each other and will combine causing one JBoss instance to be a Jgroups coordinator and stopping the HA-Single ton services started by the other JBoss instance. Hence stopping of the services in the middle may cause issues and throw errors.

We need to make sure that we give enough time for the second JBoss instance to start.

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