Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Configure RED 5 Media Server

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In This article, we will see how we can configure RED 5 media server. We will build and configure red 5 servers from source.

Download the apache ant and configure the APACHE_ANT variable.

Download apache ivy.

For apache ivy use, svn co ivy

Once we have the ivy source, 

cd ivy 

ant jar ( create a jar file in /build/artifact/jars)

cp /software/ivy/build/artifact/jars/ivy.jar /software/apache-ant-1.8.2/lib (copy the jar to apache ant lib directory)

Now download the red 5 source using

Once we have the Source, 

cd red-0.9.1 

ant ( run the command where build.xml file is available)

Once the ant command returns, go to the red-0.9.1/dist/ and 

./ &

Once everything is started, we can see the red5 server in our local host as

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