Sunday, September 3, 2017

Jenkins - Project matrix based strategy

In this next article of Jenkins authorization ,we will see how the project based matrix authorization can be implemented in Jenkins. The difference between a matrix and project based authorization are in the matrix based users with permissions can be able to perform certain actions and in the case project based authorization, there will be permission on  jobs that users can perform. Let's see how this works
1. Choose the Project-based matrix security under the "Configure global Security" in "manage Jenkins". Now there will be a matrix and text box to add users. Add the admin user and worker user as earlier. Give all permissions to admin user and for the worker, give him the overall read permission.
2. Save and go to the specific project where you want your users to execute. Once the authorization is moved to project based, every project will have an Option called "Enable project-based security" in the configure project as below,
In the above case ,I have added worker user and given him the necessary permission. this needs to be done as a user who have admin access to the job so that he can give access to other users on the job 
3. Now logout and login as worker to see that he can see the execute permission on the job.

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