Thursday, August 10, 2017

Jenkins – Integration with Active Directory

Install the Active directory using Jenkins ->  Manage Jenkins -> Manage plugins
Now configure Active directory plugin from Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security

Under the Access Control – Security Realm, choose Active directory. Once you select the Active directory , click on the “Add domain” button 
Enter the details - 
Domain Name –
Domain Controller – “<ServerName>:3268” ( enter the server where the Active directory server runs and identify the port on where it is running)
For the Bind DN – Enter a User name. The bindDN DN is basically the credential you are using to authenticate against an LDAP. When using a bindDN it usually comes with a password associated with it.
Bind password – Enter the password for the above entered user ID

Once configured run the test domain and once successfully, we can now logout and login using the user name and password

Note – For the first time this make take some time to login. Configure the cache in the same active directory plugin.

More to come,Happy learning 

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