Thursday, July 9, 2015

Weblogic - Connect to the Embedded LDAP

In most cases we will not be connecting to the LDAP repository available in Weblogic but in some cases we need to connect to that for obtaining certain details regarding the users and roles. In this article we will see how  we can connect to the Embedded LDAP using an external LDAP explorer.

Before connecting to the Weblogic Embedded LDAP repository , we need to make some changes on the Weblogic side which will allow to browse the repository.

Enable "Anonymous Admin Lookup Enabled" under <Domain Name>/Security and change the credential and  Confirm Credential  with new passwords ( like weblogic) under the <domain Name>/Security/Embedded LDAP tab

Once changes are done, we need to restart the Weblogic Server again. Once started connect to the Weblogic Embedded LDAP using JXplorer with the below configuration

Host: <IP address> | <Domain Name>
Port: Adminserver port
Protocol: LDAP v3
Base DN: dc=weblogicDomainName
Level: User+Password
User DN: cn=Admin
Password: Password Provided Earlier

Now we can browse the embedded browser.

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