Monday, July 6, 2015

Python - Input

Most of the Scripts deal with Keyboard Input. Though other forms of Input comes from Database or other Scripts but in most cases the input comes from KeyBoard.

There will be interactive scripts that need manual intervention by entering certain data.

The input of the user will be interpreted. If the user e.g. puts in an integer value, the input function returns this integer value. If the user on the other hand inputs a list, the function will return a list.

Input - The Most basic function used for Entering data as input from keyboard is by using the input function as

>>> name = input("What is Your Name - ")
What is Your Name - "jagadish"
>>> print name,type(name)
jagadish <type 'str'>

>>> age = input("Enter age ?")
Enter age ?2
>>> print age,type(age)
2 <type 'int'>

One important feature of the input function is that it takes the input and cast that to the correct Data Type.

Raw_input – There is one more function called raw_input which will not cast the value entered.

>>> age = raw_input("Your age? ")
Your age? 23
>>> print age,type(age)
23 <type 'str'>

>>> programming_language = raw_input("Your favourite programming languages? ")
Your favourite programming languages? ["java","c","c++"]
>>> print programming_language,type(programming_language)
["java","c","c++"] <type 'str'>

Whatever the value entered ,Python takes them as String.

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