Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Solaris Directory Structure

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The Solaris directory structure is similar like linux but with a little changes

There are couple of directories which are not available in linux

 /kernel -Contains kernel components common to all platforms within a particular instruction set that are needed for booting the system.

/platform –Contains platform definition files.
 /proc – Process Information  , Even though this is available in linux too  , the basics of this location is different in Solaris when compared with linux

/proc contains information on the current system configuration and process along with _les you can alter to update kernel variables and process information. Besides a new location called /platform which contain platform speci_c information and applications

/vol – Disk volumes mounted under this directory.

/var – variable files where the Content of the files that are expected to grow can be found under this directory like system log files (/var/log); packages and database files (/var/lib); emails (/var/mail); print queues (/var/spool); temp files needed across reboots (/var/tmp).

More to Come , Happy Learning