Friday, November 2, 2012

Some Use Full Java Commands On Linux

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Some Use Full Java Commands While Working on Linux.

Print Heap Details
·         jmap -heap <PID>

Print shared object mappings for a process
  • jmap <PID>
Print Finializer Information (Number of objects pending for finalization)
·         jmap -finalizerinfo

Print Thread Stack For Java Methods
·         Jstack <PID>(or jstack -F pid if jstack pid does not respond)

Print lock information for a process
·         jstack -l <PID>

Heap histogram for a process
·         jmap –histo <PID>

Print statistics on the class loader
·         jstat -class <PID>

Compiler Statistics
·         jstat -compiler <PID>

Compilation method Statistics
·         jstat -printcompilation <PID>

Garbage Collection Statistics
·         jstat -gcutil <PID>

Garbage Collection Statistics with Causes
·         jstat –gccause <PID>

Garbage Collection Behavior
·         jstat -gc  <PID>

Capacity Information
·         jstat -gccapacity <PID>

Behavior Of New Generation
·         jstat –gcnew <PID>

New Generation Capactiy
·         jstat –gcnewcapacity <PID>

Behavior of the old and permanent generations
·         jstat -gcold <PID>

Capacity of the old generation
·         jstat -gcoldcapacity <PID>

Capacity of the permanent generation
·         jstat -gcpermcapacity <PID>

List the instrumented VMs
·         Jps

Java configuration information from a running process
  • jinfo <PID>
Dynamically set, unset, or change the value of certain Java VM flags for a process
  • jinfo -flag flag <PID>
Print Command Line Information
·         jinfo –flags <PID>

Print Java system properties
·         jinfo –sysprops <PID>

Pass a Java VM flag to the virtual machine
·         jconsole -J flag <PID>
·         jhat -J flag <PID>
·         jmap -J flag <PID>

Print statistics of permanent generation of Java heap, by class loader
·         jmap –permstat <PID>