Monday, August 27, 2012

More DU Commands

Here are a list of 'du' commands that i use in my daily work.These will be updated regularly.

du -sh * | sort -n | tail
Get the 10 Biggest Files
du -hs */
List Complete Size Of Directories
du -sh ./* | sort -nr
Disk Usage Command Sorted by Size
du -sh
Sum File Sizes
du -ms * | sort -nr
Sort all Files Rounded to the Nearest MB
du -hs *| grep M | sort -n
Find Files With 1Mb 
du -sk .[!.]* *| sort -n  
disk usage of all subdirectories and files including hidden files within the current directory (sorted by file size)
du | sort -nr | cut -f2- | xargs du -hs
Show Sorted List of files more than 1mb
du -sk ./* | sort -k 1bn | column –t
Find Files Consuming More Space

Happy Learning